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Photography is all about light. To be more precise, photography is all about the quality of the light. Photography is the recording of light. This can be a particular challenge for outdoor/real estate photographers. A photographer photographing a model in a studio has complete control over the lighting conditions. Studio lights can be easily adjusted depending on the desired result.
When the light and conditions co-operate however, the results can be spectacular. It is the quality of light that can turn a photograph from ‘decent’ to ‘special’. Luck often plays a role in this of course. That said, doing some research in advance and making the effort to be in a location at the right time will dramatically increase your chances of capturing something a bit more special.


Cloudy / Overcast skies
Weather is a royal pain. It varies the light level and it can dramatically affect the visual appeal of your shots.
The clouds result in dramatic, pale, unattractive, and dark pictures. Grey skies will lower the vibrancy and impact of photos. On a grey day, the image is guaranteed to look dull and dreary. A gray sky doesn’t add much to the scene.


Full Sun / Bright Light
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, what could be a more perfect day for a spot of property photography?
The sun is a beautiful light source and can make any property attractive. The bright sun creates beautiful light, saturated, and vivid colors so your property to attract your clients.
Build your client base and impress your customers with professional property photos.
Find an architectural photographer who can assure you that will provide you high-quality images!

Good photography is all about seeing and controlling light.
Another very important part of that is the professional post-production because even you have the most expensive camera it doesn’t mean that you are able to take well-exposed photos.