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Useful information before booking my wedding services

Photography is not what I do, but who I am! I adore photography- it’s my passion, my way of expressing the world around me using my high-end camera and my solid background in art. My advantages are my solid background as an artist, my extremely good eye for details, understanding, and mixing of complementary colors, great composition skills and 12 years’ experience in post-production using Photoshop.



What product do I offer as a wedding photographer?

It’s an art of storytelling mixing fine art photography, candid style and artistic flair along with conventional shots of subjects actually smiling for the camera. It’s a fine art digital life collections of the most important moments of your wedding celebration, photos of you together through non-traditional pose, of your family, ceremony, cocktail, reception, dancing by revealing spontaneous expressions and emotions, and of course, pay attention to details that make the day your own.

As a fine art wedding photographer I always look for some different ways to tell your wedding story by creating striking and well-composed eye-catching photos, I love shooting reflections and nice bokeh effect if light source allows, trying to find something in the foreground which throw out of focus to add more depth and creativity to the image, as well as helping give the main subject more emphasis. It’s my most favorite compositional technique it’s my style.

The value of my pictures is not in the way they look, but in the way they make you feel because photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. I shoot what it feels like, not what it looks like. I am a seeker of emotion and adventure.



What is the most important thing?

One thing that matters most 100% Trust. I want you to trust me, to feel like we are old friends. You hired me because you can trust me. I’d like to hear your desires, expectations, and ideas to be sure I have all the necessary information about your wedding. If you have creative ideas, locations or you’d like to capture some important object which means a lot for you let me know before your wedding celebration. I’d love to try them out with you. Creating photography ideas will present themselves based on the information you give. When your wedding day comes I will have a better understanding of your love story.






How many wedding packages do I provide?


My services are billed based on the amount of time spent on a matter. I do not offer any packages. My rate is based on how many hours you’ll hire me.

For further information, please contact me for my current rates and please provide me some detailed information about your wedding day on [email protected]






How far should you book your date in advance?

I suggest that you book as soon as you’re sure that you want me to be your wedding photographer in Mallorca or worldwide. I cater for a very discerning client who appreciates photography and wants the best wedding photography experience possible.








What to expect?

Remember, wedding photography is a collaborative effort between the photographer, the bride and groom, the planner, the parents, the guests, other vendors and more!

As an artist and soul storyteller always put my soul into taking every single image and before your big day I spend time thinking how to make your wedding collection looks absolutely unique, so your photos are not like anyone else’s in which you only see a simple series of moments.

During the shooting, it’s all about joy, beauty, laughter, love, and having fun during your wedding day. Take life just simply as it is: an amazing journey full of surprises, dreams, and fairy tales that come true.

I want you to trust me, feel like we are old friends and at any time during your celebration, don’t hesitate to order up instant shots. Don’t forget that work for you but you also hired me to be an artist.




Can I photograph in a large variety of lighting situations?

I prefer the natural source of light than artificial because my aim is taking as more natural images as possible, but may bring a flash in case of marginal lighting conditions.




Do I place a limit time on the number of photos I take?

No, there is no limit. I arrive at your wedding with enough memory cards to shoot hundreds or thousands of pictures and the quantity depends upon the length of your event.




How long do I need for selection of the photos and their post-production?

After your wedding day, I carefully pick a selection of the most amazing photos which will be edited to the best into professional photo editing soft wares. The edition will take 30 work days after your wedding day.



What digital format do I deliver?

The full resolution in color and Black and White optimal for printing will be delivered through WeTransfer and you will receive an online password- protected gallery on my website with web-sized images with my logo. In this way, you, your family and guests will have the opportunity to admire and download them.




Copyright statement

Like most photographers, I’d like to use the wedding photos in my portfolio and maybe for advertising so I need to get this permission. I value the work I make and don’t want it stolen or accidentally misused this is the reason that nobody has rights to use/publish/market/edit/ sell/blog/share, etc. the photographs if he/ she do not have our writing permission. My client(s) and I own the copyright for the pics and all should be considered private, confidential and not be shared with any third party without the prior written permission of my client and me.


Thank you if you allow me to create unique works of art which will be cherished for generations! I value the fact you trust me and choose me as your photographer, the one who will capture your authentic moments in order to create imagery that will last forever.


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